Empower Farmer with Partnership Program

AKP ORGANIC through CSR program initiate basic foundation program for community and environment development towards sustainable business.
We Commit to empower farmer with sustainable development goals such as:

  • Clean water and sanitation 
  • Responsible production and consumption 
  • Life on land with plan tree and protect environment 
  • Quality education by helping children in community to read and write.

Our project management partnership mission is to train organic farmer with day to day activities such as cultivation, growing plants and producing organic agriculture product, farmer has to be creative and generate high value product, economic scale and give benefit also for social community.

Petani Organic platform initiate CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) 
At the early state, as part of our company values achieve the goals together:
  • We voluntary prepare solid basic foundation for farmer communities   and through practicing farmer improve their standard quality of product as a natural way of doing business, improve their quality of life and environment.
  • We are proud to be Organic farmer partner, growing together to achieve business, social and community sustainable welfare.