Financial Services

For Project under petani organic partnership, shot term loan available to bridge farmer financial requirement. Bridging loan provided by financial institution, partnership with petani organic platform. In some cases, when order from buyer already issue, cooperatives and farmers required bridging loan for product collection and processing. Bridging loan, normally issued under cooperative guarantee and pay back after payment from the buyer ( refer to contract term of payment ). For detail inquires , please contact:

For those, cooperatives and farmers, under agriculture development program. Petani organic platform could chanelling working capital loan ( kredit modal kerja ) to financial institution ( Banks ), under partnership program.Loan inquires for cooperatives and farmer consultancy, will be available through petani organic platform.

  1. Buyer issue purchase order to petani organic
  2. Petani organic Inssue Confirmation Order
  3. Petani organic issue Purchase Order to Coops
  4. Coops prepare product ( raw material ), issue collateral guarantee and issue doc's required for loan disbursement
  5. Financial institution transfer loan to Coops
  6. Coops deliver product to buyer
  7. buyer payment to petani organic account
  8. Payment to financial institution and remaining
  9. Payment to Coops ( balance )


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